Autumn Line up of Blog and Book Promotions on Smorgasbord – Calling bloggers, authors, poets and comedians

Today’s blog post is being bounced to tomorrow. So I thought I’d share this reblog!🙂

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

As we head into the mellow days of autumn and the chilly nights of winter… or hot summers for some of you…. it is time to make sure that there are plenty of opportunities for you to promote your blogs, books and poetry here on Smorgasbord.

I know from experience that a great many of you are so modest that you might take a little persuasion.. I promise that I don’t bite and I have a great many lovely friends who would love to read more about you..

The Living History Interview.

Living History

The new Sunday show is already going well with three booked starting on 11th of September. I wanted to capture stories of people’s lives that might be classified as living history. Stories passed down to you from your great grandparents (if you are really lucky) grandparents and parents. Stories about ordinary people who have lived through hard times…

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Guest Post: 15 Tips for Self-Publishing (the second time around)

This week’s guest post is the wonderful Suzanne Rogerson, author of Visions of Zarua, sharing her tips for self publishing🙂

Visions of Zarua Book Cover15 Tips for Self-Publishing (the second time around) by Suzanne Rogerson

First some back ground on me;

When I self-published my first fantasy novel Visions of Zarua in 2015 I was a complete novice. The ebook was published in November, and then after a hasty change of heart, I published the paperback in December.

It was an intense time but I was lucky to have the support of my editor, Alison Williams, to answer my many questions and the rest I researched on the internet.


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Avoiding Female Stereotypes

Female Stereotypes.jpgSo this article has been bumping around in my head for a while. Probably because I’ve read books/seen movies that left me cringing at the stereotypes/clichés that popped their heads up.

I do admit to being a bit of a stickler for good characters and a little piece of me dies when I see/read anything where there is the heavily clichéd archetype dynamic!

(I’ve even seen it touted as something that should be used as a template for creating characters *shudder*)

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Guest Post: You’re Never Too Old To Learn

This week’s guest post if by the lovely Lorraine Ambers, Writer and Queen of Daydreams, who talks about who own personal experiences and how you really are, never too old to learn.

Lorraine AndrewsYou’re never too old to learn by Lorraine Ambers

Exam result time is upon us. People are waiting in angst or hope for their future endeavours. Now-a-days pupils are taught through positivity, that if you try you can succeed. This method is new. Teachers used to drill home the concept, that exam results were the pinnacle upon which success hung.  That without great grades adults would scrape the bowels of existence. Facing perils for evermore… Blah blah blah!

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Guest Post: Book Reviewing

This week’s guest poster is my dear friend C from HappyMeerkatReviews who not only writes but also produces awesome book reviews and is one of the nicest people I’ve met in internet land!

CatBook Reviewing by C

Being a book reviewer is something far more rewarding than I ever imagined.  Being able to read books and talk/write about how great they are is something I’ve only been doing for a short time but it’s so rewarding, especially when you find a gem from a new and unheard of author.

For me reviewing starts with reading.  I can never read more than two books at a time, one fiction and one non-fiction (memoirs are like fiction for me).  This is because I’m one of those people who loves to get completely absorbed by a book and I couldn’t do it if I had several going at once.

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Guest post: Do’s and Don’ts for Connecting with Reviewers

This week’s guest post is the lovely Erika Kehlet from The Book’s The Thing where she shares her love of books and offers up reviews. Enjoy!
ErikaDo’s and Don’ts for Connecting with Reviewers by Erika Kehlet

I’m so happy for this chance to be a guest on Ari’s blog today. I’m Erika, and when not working full time in IT support, I write a book blog and read everything I can get my hands on.

I have had a love of reading since I was old enough to hold a book in my hands, before I even knew what the the little symbols on the pages meant.

I learned to love books by watching my family read, and being read to, and I’ve tried to instill the same love for books in my own children.

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Blog Hop: For the love of books

Blog hop - love of books.jpgI have had a strange relationship with books. Not only am I a writer, but I am also an avid reader. However it wasn’t always that way.

Many people seem to think that those of us who love reading had that habit since we were young. The bookworm of the family, surrounded by stories and with a larger vocabulary than most adults.

Maybe that is true for most people (I don’t know, I’m not most people), but it wasn’t me.

When I was little I actually struggled to read. Like most of the Infant and Primary schools, mine had the colour coded reading system.  Pink and red stickered books were the easy, simple books for new learners. Then it went through the rainbow getting harder with each colour category.

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