Something to watch

Following a family emergency I haven’t really been able to prepare a blog post for this Friday. So I thought I’d share some videos I found that I thought were interesting.

The first is on Minimalism, the idea of having more by owning less. I’ve been working towards minimalism myself as I crave more time to pursue my true passions. What do you want to give more time to?


The second is Living Without Shame – this woman’s story is incredible and sadly her experiences reveal exactly what people can be like with how they reacted to her. We as a species seem to pride ourselves on judging others – Yet maybe more people should remember the adage “Don’t judge people, you never know what battle they are fighting”


As a Highly Sensitive Person, I enjoyed this video, especially as so few people seemed to know what a HSP is. It has taken me a long time to come to terms with being HSP. I am blessed that my partner understands me, understands how things can affect me and has helped me see it less as a hassle and more as something that should be celebrated.


There will be a guest post next week. Please check back. As always please feel free to drop comments or questions, I have enjoyed connecting with so many bloggers and writers🙂

Ari x

Blog Hop: 2017 Writing Goals

2017 Goals.jpgA goal is a dream with a deadline…way to suck the fun out of dreaming, eh!🙂 But if we want to move forward it helps to have a plan, a focus and goals are exactly that.

I had already been thinking about what my Writing Goals would be, especially with the 85K in 90 day challenge looming on the horizon (Jan – Mar 2017)

So when the new Blog Hop topic was Writing Goals for 2017, I thought let’s get them down!

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How to deal with invading story ideas

invadingstoryideasI’ve talked about ideas before – you may remember my Song of the Muses post. However I want to discuss the invasion of stories.

I don’t know about you, but my muse doesn’t wait until I’ve finished a novel before she bashes me over the head with another idea.

☆ Muse Attack ☆

Case in point, while driving to work this week, I was suddenly accosted by a whole new story. The protagonist was fully formed and named (thought I wasn’t keen on the character’s surname…every attempt to rename her failed and so I have kept it as it came to me).

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Guest post: “Write what you know” (part 2)

We continue with the second part of the guest post “Write what you know” by author Nathalie Andrews. Do make sure to check out her social media links and her current book!

Nathalie.jpg“Write What You Know” (part 2)

By Nathalie Andrews

“You’ll find it really hard to stay away from stereotypes.”

This is true. There is almost always a stereotype to fall into somewhere. Women are emotional; men are strong! If these are stereotypes, should I only write weak men and emotionally-repressed women?


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Guest post: “Write what you know” (part 1)

This week’s guest poster is the lovely author Nathalie Andrews who discusses that prickly topic of “write what you know.” Please note this is a 2 part article so check back tomorrow for the second half🙂 Enjoy!

Nathalie.jpg“Write What You Know” (part 1)

By Nathalie Andrews

We’ve all heard the advice. If we’ve experienced something the chances are we will have a clearer understanding of it and, in turn, that means we’ll be better able to write about it. Right?

But what if you want to write about something completely different – a character from another time, another culture, a fantastical world? There are two things to think about: how could you write them well? And should you write them at all?

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The Card Catalogue

Colorful Blank Index Cards For Making Notes

The Problem

I have been a writer since I was about 8. Throughout my childhood and teen years I wrote –  a lot!  When I was about 18 I came up with a few characters that were so strong in my mind that I just started writing scenes. I never really planned a novel I just wrote what felt right and ended up with….yeah…well…thousands of scenes…. seriously, thousands!! O.O

These scenes have enough plot ideas and new characters to give me about 6 – 8 books. I even have an idea how the series ends. But it’s still one big ol’ mess of disjointed scenes.

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Guest post: How to write in a foreign language

MS Harris.jpgThis week’s guest poster is the wonderful M S Harris who discusses writing manuscripts in a language that is not your native one.

How To Write In A Foreign Language

by M.S. Harris

I have been writing for a long time and I’ve been making stories in my head for as long as I can remember.

Not only do I write and I make stories, but I write them in English. English is not my first language, Greek is and through a lot of thinking I decided that writing in English is the better choice for me.

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Avoiding Deus ex Machina

Ex Machina.jpgDeus Ex…what?

Originally this term meant “God from the Machine” and was in reference to when a “god” character in a play was lowered on stage via a cable device. The god was often brought in as a divine intervention for a situation that was unfixable.

The term has changed now and is used as a negative connotation to explain a sudden illogical plot twist used to completely alter a situation. Sadly this sort of thing happens in fiction whereby someone or something is introduced into the plotline just to create a contrived solution to an unsolvable issue / conflict.

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Guest Post: Where do you get your ideas?

pearlmakerThis week’s guest poster is author Pearl R Meaker of the Emory Crawford Mysteries who discusses where writers get their ideas

Where do you get your ideas? by Pearl R Meaker

I think every author gets asked that at some point in his or her career. It’s a common enough occurrence that Stephen King even alludes to it in his book, “On Writing.” Of his group of close friends he says:

 “We are writers, and we never ask one another where we get our ideas; we know we don’t know.”

And yet, with that said – and said by someone of the caliber of Stephen King – sometimes we do know at least where the seed came from even if we don’t know what it will grow into.

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Find your strength

This was not the blog post I had planned to write. Yes, shockingly, I do often plan my blog posts… other times I just write on a whim. Like today.

I’ve been struggling recently with some things in my life and one of those has been a certain person who I often clash with. They are not malicious or mean but they say things that hurt me deeply. They make me feel that I am a disappointment and that the quirks and personality I have are wrong.

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