An update on A little delay…

So…the home DIY task extended into today as well and at 8:26pm, we have finally finished…exhausted. Since my brain is not engaged I am going to leave the post until tomorrow when I am more compos mentis.

Apologies to all you awesome people who watch this blog. Next week will be regular scheduling ….we as regular as I ever am on posting to this blog.



Hellooo all you awesome people who visit this blog (aww aren’t you sweet for visiting!). Anywhoo, there will be a little delay in today’s post – it might even have to be bumped to tomorrow.

I have a crazy home DIY task to complete with my other half…who needs to be watched so he doesn’t like drill through a pipe or flood the house!

So do check back maybe around 8pm (British Standard Time) just in case, but if it doesn’t materialise, then it will be tomorrow at 6pm (I promise!)


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