A Bold Move

Forest with two pathwaysRecently I have been struggling with numerous aspects of my life, because the universe likes to dump you in the deep end every now and then.

Following a frank discussion with my partner regarding what we wanted in life and where we were, we have decided to make a bold move and so we are moving out of England and across to Ireland.

Now for those who have read this blog for a while, you may know I have extreme anxiety so the idea of moving well outside my comfort zone (I have never moved beyond my home town) is at the very least, overwhelming. However sometimes you need to make a bold move, you need to sacrifice something for the possibility of something better.

That is what we are doing.  We are choosing a new path and taking a risk.

So, since I will mostly be having mental meltdowns for the next two months due to all the overwhelm and the stress while we give away and sell like 80% of what we own and sort the logistics of this move in a very short time frame… I won’t be around on this blog.

However I am still hoping to have my current guest posts popping up.

Otherwise I will be back in August…maybe September depending on my state of mind.

As always thank you for your wonderful comments, your faves and your follows. I have enjoyed building this blog and hope to be back on top form later this year.




8 thoughts on “A Bold Move

  1. I too suffer from mental health issues so I understand your trepidation. The best things in my life have all come from bold moves.
    My husband is always encouraging me to take risks. Enjoy this process, I know great things will follow.

  2. Hugs and many prayers 🙏 are coming your way, Ari!

    I hadn’t moved from my hometown until I was 21 and got married, then we moved about 750 to 800 miles away. I can so relate to what you’re facing. I can also say – embrace the adventure. We moved around quite a bit for the first 15 years of our marriage (all in the U.S.) and even though it is never easy, it was fun getting to experience life in different places. Look to the adventure.

    God bless you and I look forward to you coming back here to share your adventures with us.
    Hugs! 😊 ❤️

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