This Blog

~ Why I Started this blog ~

I had been playing around with the idea of starting a blog for many MANY months. This was due to the strangely successful responses I had received for my writing tutorials listed on the art community site deviantart (dA).

It appeared that people were interested in my thoughts and I often received suggestions of new tutorials that people wanted to see. It was also a great way to keep me focused when I hit a rough patch with my own writing.

At the beginning this blog was a bit like a trying to push a walrus through a porthole. However for those who have stuck with me (bless you for your awesomeness) you should have noticed a nice upshift. I am now writing regularly and posts are uploaded once a week on a Friday at 18:30 BST.

~ Content ~

This blog is for writers, whether you are new to the craft or have been scribbling for years. Things you will find here (either currently or eventually):

☆  Tutorials

☆ Writing tips (e.g. dealing with writer’s block, organising your time, sorting notes, developing ideas etc)

☆ Advertising your work (e.g. creating an author’s website etc)

☆ Novel preparation (e.g. submission guidelines, preparing a manuscript, contacting agents/publishers)

☆ Personal blog (e.g. about my writing journey, what happens when I submit my novel etc)

☆ Competitions & features

☆ Printable templates

☆ Book reviews

☆ Anything else I can think of that would fit nicely here

☆ Possibly some random life posts

~ Submit a suggestion ~

I am happy for people to contact me with suggestions for tutorials they want to see. Please do first check to see that I haven’t already covered what you are looking for. If I feel I can adequately cover your suggestion I will add it to my list.

All my main posts are listed on the Tutorial List for quick easy access rather than using the search.

~ Tutorials ~

While I have a list of tutorials and post ideas I don’t always approach them in an order and will choose random ones to write depending on the mood. So do make suggestions but I can’t always tell you when they will be written.

~ Features ~

Once this blog gets a few more miles under its belt, I may start asking my followers if they want to be featured. This is a way to share the love and let you share (if you wish) your work and your goals and thoughts with other writers. Please wait until I upload a post about this before you send me any of your work/information.

I am hoping this place will encourage people to make new friends and reach out to other writers. Writing is often a solitary business so having support and network of like-minded people is great.

~ Writing Circle ~

Again, once this blog has been running for a while and depending on how well it is accepted, I may set up a virtual writing circle. More information about this if and when it occurs.

~ Me ~

Writing has been in my life for a long time and my end goal is to be writing for a living, because the idea of getting up every day and being paid to tell my stories sounds perfect to me.

As well as tutorials etc, this blog will also act as a window to my own writing journey, including when I finally send off a manuscript to an agent/publisher.

Yes you will get to see me create synopsis, cover letters, see me agonise over the smallest detail and then break down in ever shifting moods of sorrow and fury when I receive my first rejection letter…. Who doesn’t want to be along for the ride!

That way, those of you who may be interested in following the path of a published writer will see some of the things you have to deal with, and if I mess up, I can let you know what NOT to do 🙂

If you want to know anything more about me, read my Who, me? page.

~ My Style ~

I am a novel-style writer of fiction (mostly urban fantasy and traditional these days) and so that is how I approach my articles and tutorials, which will reflect this.

However, whether you write short stories, non-fiction, essays or even comics I do feel that you may find some of the information here is transferable for other writing styles.

~ Pictures ~

The pictures on this blog are mostly ones purchased (because I like to support photographers/artists) from

There may be a few exceptions where I actually use my own photos (believe me, you will notice which ones they are because I am NOT a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination)

Also –

The header photograph on this blog is: Power of Words by Antonio Litterio. I do not own this photograph. This photograph is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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