Guidelines regarding this Blog

Be respectful – Please keep your comments civil and friendly. This should be a blog of creative, imaginative people coming together to share their love of writing and stories. Don’t spoil it by flaming people you do not agree with. I will not tolerate attacks against other visitors or myself. Also, should the worst happen and we find ourselves with a troll, please remember my strict feeding policy – DON’T FEED THE TROLLS (it encourages them to come out from under their bridges).

Be clear – The birth of certain technologies (mobile phones / the internet) appears to have encouraged people to be ‘quick to type, slow to check’. I prefer to be able to read and understand comments so before clicking submit, just please take a minute to make sure your comments are readable and clear. It avoids a constant back and forward as I try and figure out what you’ve said. Additionally, please try and avoid excessive “text speak”. As writers we should be typing our words fully do try and refrain from lots of “thx” and “plz”.

Be involved – I wanted this blog to be welcoming, to have posts that ask for your thoughts and that encourage feedback.  Please do comment, ask questions, voice queries and make suggestions. However please accept my decision if you suggest a tutorial or a blog change that I do not take on board. I have to go with what I feel works.

Be patient – Blogging is not my only task, as well as keeping this blog updated and replying to comments and emails I am also: writing a novel(s) (obviously), writing product reviews, studying for a degree, maintaining a house, working full time, running a small business and creating/managing a website. Not to mention all the extra things that chew away your time like exercise, grocery shopping, trips to the vet etc. So please do keep this in mind and accept that while I will do everything I can to update the blog frequently and reply promptly to comments and emails, sometimes there may be delays.

Be thorough – Before diving in with hundreds of questions, please check out my profile, my FAQs page and if you are looking for something specific try checking the tags/search. If you can’t find it or it doesn’t yet exist, then by all means drop me a comment.  Don’t worry, if you ask me something I’ve already answered I will probably not bite your head off *grin*, this request is just to speed things up as you might find what you are looking for by doing the above quicker than I can reply to you.

Be forgiving – I do make mistakes, whether it is a spelling mistake, grammatical error or a botch up on a photo / post etc. Feel free to point it out so I can amend it. The same goes if you ask me a question and I don’t reply, it may be that I missed it so do let me know so I can rectify the issue.

Be generous – If you like this blog, spread the word to any other people you think might like it. Pop a link to it in your own blog, journal, website or community.

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