If for some reason, known only to yourself and possibly the rock monsters (because they know everything) you want to contact me and follow me around (online that is, I don’t want you all trailing me around the supermarket or anything… that would be creepy) you can find me at the following locations.




Official Website:



This Blog – You can always leave a comment or use the Ask Me a Question on this blog.

EDIT: As you will see I have actually got a Twitter account… it’s new and so take pity on me, go have a look and maybe follow me so I don’t look all sad and pathetic. (sad face)

I also have a YouTube channel because I’m crazy and want to give myself a heart attack with all the projects I am trying to cram in to a small 24 hours every day. Not sure when the vlogs will appear but stay tuned….for my awful North English accent.

I am still toying with other social media sites like Twitter (not a fan) and Tumblr (more of a possibility). So watch this space for more locations of me.