Fine tune your writing with detail

cal-0814-va4-detect_07I thought I would do a quick article about ‘detail’ in writing. I think it can be one of those things that gets overlooked.

While we can wax lyrical in our descriptions we can still end up missing something and that can often be extra detail.

But why is detail so important?

Simply because detail adds an extra layer to the writing to help draw the reader deeper into your world.

Maybe you’re sat there thinking “well I add detail, I fill my writing with description.” Great, you should make sure there is strong description. But too often writers can end up using notion rather than detail.

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Writing a large cast of characters

People sitting in an audienceYes… I am back to writing tutorials and actually getting them out on the right day! Huzzah!

So today I want to talk about large casts! By large casts I am talking about main and secondary characters (not the odd village baker passing through a random scene, never to be heard from again.)

The fantasy novel I have left floundering in a drawer (at 220,000 words… I really should get back to that) had a large cast. It followed several groups of people through numerous subplots (I promise to get to a subplot tutorial soon!) and when I eventually return to it, will have more coming in by the second book.

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Guest Post: Back to the Bean: A Writer’s Letter to No

This week’s guest poster is the lovely Kim Chance who you might know from her successful Youtube channel. Her post is a fascinating letter to No. Enjoy 🙂

Kim Chance.jpgDear No,

We need to talk. I’ve been putting this off for a while now, but I think it’s finally time for me to get this off my chest. I hope you won’t take this personally because as cliché as it sounds, it really is me and not you….well, for the most part.

It’s time for the truth, and it boils down to this: I’m exhausted of you, No. Completely and utterly exhausted. There. I said it, and I’m sorry. But it’s true.

When we first met, you hardly bothered me. In fact, every time you walked in with that ridiculous sashay of yours, I would laugh and tell myself that you didn’t matter because I was much bigger than you. However, lately, you’ve grown in size. Like a freaking beanstalk, you’ve gone from being a tiny little bean, to being this enormous, ever-growing plant that’s stuck smack dab in the middle of my life. It’s getting a little harder to pretend that I’m not frustrated by you.

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Guest Post: You’re Never Too Old To Learn

This week’s guest post if by the lovely Lorraine Ambers, Writer and Queen of Daydreams, who talks about who own personal experiences and how you really are, never too old to learn.

Lorraine AndrewsYou’re never too old to learn by Lorraine Ambers

Exam result time is upon us. People are waiting in angst or hope for their future endeavours. Now-a-days pupils are taught through positivity, that if you try you can succeed. This method is new. Teachers used to drill home the concept, that exam results were the pinnacle upon which success hung.  That without great grades adults would scrape the bowels of existence. Facing perils for evermore… Blah blah blah!

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Guest Post: Book Reviewing

This week’s guest poster is my dear friend C from HappyMeerkatReviews who not only writes but also produces awesome book reviews and is one of the nicest people I’ve met in internet land!

CatBook Reviewing by C

Being a book reviewer is something far more rewarding than I ever imagined.  Being able to read books and talk/write about how great they are is something I’ve only been doing for a short time but it’s so rewarding, especially when you find a gem from a new and unheard of author.

For me reviewing starts with reading.  I can never read more than two books at a time, one fiction and one non-fiction (memoirs are like fiction for me).  This is because I’m one of those people who loves to get completely absorbed by a book and I couldn’t do it if I had several going at once.

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World Building: Atmosphere

World Building Atmosphere.jpgSo, I’m finally back around to my World Building Series again. If you missed the earlier ones I’ve covered The Sun & Seasons, Landscapes and Water.

Today I’m going to discuss atmosphere.

Let’s get the basics out the way (yup, it’s another science lesson. Just go with it people)

What is atmosphere?

It’s a layer of gas that circles the planet. Actually it’s a mix of different gases and it’s held in place by gravity.

Earth’s atmosphere contains around 21% oxygen, 78% nitrogen, 1% argon and trace amounts of other gases such as carbon dioxide, neon, helium, hydrogen, ozone and others.

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Writing the Anti-Hero

Silhouette of a man in arch

Picture purchased from

“Mysterious hooded man watches (from a distance) takes a minute to look awesome…”

*cough* I couldn’t help myself 😀 (PS if you have no idea about this quote, check out the video at the end of the article)

So, today I am going to be discussing the Anti-Hero! Why? Well firstly, I haven’t covered it before and secondly my own story has one so I thought it might be a good time to bring it up.

Now we all know what the Protagonist is right? That’s the good guy. And the Antagonist? Well that would be your bad guy.

So who is this “Anti-Hero?”

To put it simply your Anti-hero is a type of protagonist. Male or female, they are often referred to as the “flawed protagonist”.

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Sacred Spaces & Writing Routines

Organise Organize

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Hope you all enjoyed my little mid-week post I am bad at being an adult, just a little insight into yours truly 🙂

Anyway, onto today’s article! I recently made a decision to cut some things out of my life that had been choking my time.

Things I thought I needed to accomplish that in hindsight had just been stealing valuable time…and what’s worse, it had stolen valuable writing time.

Totally my fault of course, I had hit a slump following some family situations. My writing had been put on the back burner while I focused my time and energy on those that needed my support and assistance.

However when those situations had improved I found other things had crept in and suddenly I was back to almost no time for my writing.

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Writing Sex Scenes (part 1)


writing sex scenes.Firstly, let’s make something clear. This tutorial is about writing sex scenes NOT erotica. For those who don’t know the difference, erotica is literature written specifically to excite. Erotica has very basic plots that are moved along with sexual acts. This tutorial is about writing sex scenes within regular fiction (leaning as usual more towards fantasy fiction).

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