A bit about research

A quick note: I know it’s been quiet on the blog front, however the festive season is not easy for me. This includes the build up towards the holidays. It makes me very low and quite snarky so I tend to “shut down”. While I’m still not in the best mood, I am trying to bring some semblance of routine back to my life so on with the blogging.


Research is a big part of being a writer. You might have a wicked talent for creating characters, threading plot-lines and scoring dialogue but if you do no research then you work will probably have some holes.

Some writers love research, others hate it. I flash between the too depending on my mood.

Now, my personal rule is that any writer worth their salt who WANTS to be published someday has a good collection of reference books in their home or knows intricately the layout of the reference section in their local library.

If you want to be a professional writer, a published writer then you can’t skimp on the research. So, unless you were born with a mass of knowledge on hundreds of subjects then you will need to read up on them.  Not to mention things change especially in some subjects where improvements and developments replace original knowledge: for example Medicine, police procedures, technology etc.

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Talent and Skill in writing

Skills and talentThe terms “talent” and “skill” can often be heard, banded about. I see many young writers, new writers who speak in awe of someone else’s talent. This is often followed, I am sad to say, by talk of “I’ll never be that good” or “I wish I was that talented.”

It is so easy to get disheartened in the creative arts. When I was younger my writing would suffer horrendously every time I read a great book. As the wow factor of the book faded, it would be replaced by a bitterness at myself and my work. This led to my own novel festering away alone as I refused to “waste my time” on it.

Thankfully I have grown out of that annoying habit and while I do still read books that wow me, they are now just a measuring stick by which I can gauge my own development.
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Giving Up

I had draftTypewriter in trash can.ed this article a while ago, however a passing comment from someone I know, regarding losing heart made me decide to complete and upload it. Maybe this is a good time to discuss feelings of ‘giving up’ (works well with my last post, Creative Constipation).

If your writing is streaking along happily right now, maybe the idea of giving up seems ludicrous. However I guarantee that at least once in every writer’s life, there will be a sense of “this is pointless, I can’t do it,” and the urge to pack it in will arise. For those of us unpublished, it can be a sinking feeling that the story will never be told!
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In the beginning….

WriterWelcome to The Eternal Scribbler, the writing blog I have been thinking about creating for a while now. Finally, after announcing its creation date as the 1st July 2013, I felt I had to follow through and lo and behold, I am suddenly able to manage it!

This blog is written by a writer (that would be me), for writers (that would be you) and will hopefully be full of tutorials, tips and ideas as well as writer ramblings and anything else I feel will fit in nicely here.
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