Guest post: Interview with Viv Drewa

This week’s guest poster is author Viv Drewa, the Owl Lady.Β  Check out her answers to these interview questions πŸ™‚


with Viv Drewa

Q01 – When did you decide you wanted to become a writer?

When I was 9-years-old I read a book that made me want to be a writer. It was β€œThe Whistling Sword” by James Robert Green. I was so impressed by how he used true people in fiction. I bought the book from a library that closed just to have it.

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20 great quotes and memes



As I am still struggling with some things I haven’t been able to get myself sorted with a proper blog post. However I did want to get back to a schedule of Friday posting.

So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite memes and quotes that are either about writers or at least could be πŸ™‚

If you have any great quotes, please share them in the comments. I would love to hear from you. Have you any specific quotes that have been inspirational to you during the writing process?

Do pop back on Tuesday for our next Guest Poster πŸ™‚

Happy writing


About Ari Meghlen

I’ve been a writer since I was given unsupervised access to pens and can’t write anything shorter than a trilogy. I live in the greener part of the UK with my awesome boyfriend, 3 mad cats and 1 overly-confident budgie. I spend my time lost in imaginary worlds, making jewellery, taking nature photos or watching bad movies. Connect with me on: Facebook or on my Website or just leave me a comment on this blog. I love comments πŸ™‚

Guest Post: “Love, twue love”

Today we welcome back to this blog the wonderful Pearl R Meaker, author of the Emory Crawford Mysteries. Enjoy!

β€œLove, twue love.”

by Pearl R Meaker

Pearl - Wedding.jpg

This blog is being posted on February 14, 2017 – my 41st wedding anniversary. Still happily married after all these years.

Today is the β€œlove holiday” and, like the movie β€œThe Princess Bride” from which I borrowed my title, most stories have love in them somewhere along the way.

It might be love done well, or love gone wrong. Maybe love long lost and mourned, or love that is being newly sought. It can even be all of the above and more.

It may even be the self-love of the narcissist or someone who is in love with money or some other inanimate object.

Love is usually in there somewhere if only because love is in most of us. We can relate to love.

But what do you, as a writer, intend to do with love? The answer to that depends on the sort of book you’re writing, your characters and you.

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Taking Stock of What’s Important

Being ill made me fall behind in a lot of things, work, my online shop, my degree… so I have had to work overtime, cram in study and complete orders.

Things are starting to settle back into more of a routine. So with this I have taken stock. My partner inspired this as he is a creative, intellectually hungry person who likes to read up on new subjects, try new projects and generally overwhelm himself.

He recently sat down and went through all the things he wanted to do and thought he wanted to do. Breaking them down into Do it Now, Do it later, Never going to do it, Maybe do it.
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The Twisted Path

For almost the last three weeks I have been very ill. Something that doesn’t happen often! I was only permitted back to work this Wednesday gone.

It gave me a lot of time to reflect. One thing I realised was that following a ‘family crisis’ that occurs just over 3 years ago, priorities had to change. It was not easy but necessary for all parties involved. It made things exhausting and stressful but looking back I can see those changes where necessary.
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Story Ideas – The Song of the Muses

ideas, growing ideasIdeas are the life force of the writer. Without them we starve (figuratively). So, when you get an idea you need to grab it and never let go.

The Magic Well
I am always surprised when new writers ask me “where do your ideas come from?” I have heard this question asked to professional novelists as well, it is probably the most common question asked and from amateur writers, it seemed strange.

I sometimes think that new writers believe all other writers have access to a secret magic well where we throw in a silver coin and wish for a new plot.
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